2015 Demo Reel

Here is my latest Stunt Demo Reel

Can a Mining Truck Drift?

Can one drift a Mining Truck?  Watch the Video  David Duff and I did for EMC data protection and find out.   Mike.

Mike Ryan EXCLUSIVE PT. 2 - Pikes Peak Crash and Recovery

On Thursday, June 26th, 2014 PIkes Peak veteran, Mike Ryan, would crash his semi truck flying more than 100 feet on the course. The truck would land 30+ feet down a steep embankment, with all wondering how Mike Ryan survived. Not only did he survive, but he walked away from the wreck. A testament to the safety that these Pikes Peak vehicles have in place to race at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. UNSEEN footage and hear the real story from Mike Ryan. My Life at Speed - EXCLUSIVE

Listen to Mike as he talk about his back up plan to try and challenge the mountain. Recently acquired sponsor Triumph Motorcycle gave Mike a brand new Tiger explorer 1200 adventure bike, which he had brought with him to ride around on the beautiful trials and roads of colorado. Never thinking that it would become his rainy vehicle to try and challenge the mountain. So after recovering from the crash Mike went to the event organizers and asked if he could run his motorcycle. they said if he can get through qualifying, he could race. So he got on his motorcycle and took off. Check out and see how Mike was able to recover and if and how he got his motorcycle to the top! Part 1: Filmed and edited by Chad DeRosa - Part 2: Filmed and Edited By Serg Korchinskiy- Additional footage by: Kenneth Stouffer - My Life at Speed and Andrew Bohan - Life Blasters Huge thanks to the Holmatro Pikes Peak Safety Team. Special thanks to: Freightliner, Banks Power, Castrol Oil, Michelin Tires, Detroit Diesel, Triumph Motorcycles, ZF Transmissions, Airworks, Jet Hot High Performance Coatings, Design Engineering, King Off Road Racing, Mastercraft, Impact Race Products, DJ Safety, SPAL and Aurora Bearing Company.

Pikes Peak 2008 on board video

Mike Ryan runs to the top of Pikes Peak in his Freightliner Cascadia with a time of 13.34:593.

Size Matters 2

Mike Ryan presents Size Matters 2 -- a gymkhana styled video full of super-sized stunts and close quarters drifting action. Legendary stunt driver and Pikes Peak champion, Mike Ryan in the Banks Super-Turbo Castrol Freightliner, goes toe-to-toe with newcomer Daniel Leavitt on the docks of Long Beach harbor. Some of Hollywood's top stunt drivers and coordinators came together to produce this top-notch action thriller, using the newest Mercedes ML 63 modified camera car with EDGE arm. #SizeMatters2 Subscribe to Mike Ryan's YouTube Channel: Director: Bailey Kobe Director of Photography: Michael FitzMaurice Co-Stunt Coordinator: Terry James EDGE Driver: Dean Bailey Colorist: Aaron Peak Composer: Boris Salchow Mike's Facebook page: Produced by: Support The Expanded Film and Television Job Creation Act AB 1839

Size Matters 2 Behind the scenes

Size Matters

Here is the original Size Matters that Mike Ryan and friends produced last year

Pikes Peak 2013 Banks Super Turbo Race Semi Gymkhana Drift Truck

Watch Mike Ryan race the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in his Banks prepped Freightliner.