Top 1Oil

For nearly 40 years, the TOP 1 brand has been built on a foundation of core values and beliefs that define who we are and provide the framework for how we operate.  The following takes a deeper look into these fundamental values and beliefs that go into every drop of our products and everything we do.

  1. PARTNERSHIP.  Formed by a unique partnership between two men from distinctly different backgrounds, cultures, and generations.  On their own, they had little in common, but together they shared a bond based on trust, a passion for superior quality, and an indomitable “can do” spirit.
  2. QUALITY.   We chose from day one to only source the highest quality raw materials.  This is the only way we know – this is our passion.
  3. PEOPLE.   From our founders to the newest members of our TOP 1 family, people make us better day by day, month by month, and year by year.
  4. INSPIRATION.   Comes from those who embrace challenges, seek limitless potential, and break through barriers.
  5. MADE IN U.S.A.  The United States of America…land of innovation, advancement and high quality of life.  TOP 1 lives and breathes the USA lifestyle, and in every drop we bring a piece of our great country to all of our customers around the world.
  6. OUR COLORS.  Each color is infused with significance.   YELLOW = ENERGY / RED = PASSION / WHITE = PURITY / BLUE = QUALITY.
  7. FAMILY.  In the spirit of our founders TOP 1 is a family that crosses barriers and joins people from around the world to hold in their hands a brand they call their own.
  8. GIVING BACK.   We are grateful for the opportunities that our brand have brought us yet everyday we see opportunities to make our world better.  We know we can’t change the world but we must make a difference no matter how big or small.   By giving back to those who are less fortunate we open a door to hope and inspiration.

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