The Dale Jarrett UPS Truck

A behind the scenes look at Stunt Driver, Stunt Coordinator Mike Ryan with his company, Picture Vehicles Unlimited, building the UPS racing van for UPS and used in 11 national spots.

For the Rocky Morton ( the “M” in MJZ Productions), introduction of the Dale Jarrett, “Racing the Van” campaign, we were given less than 3 weeks to build the truck and get it from Phoenix to Nashville Motor Speedway. Running a crew of 27 people at the peak, we took a 1989 UPS package van with over 300,000 miles on it and stripped it down to the bare shell. We fabricated a roll cage, installed a 850HP engine, custom transmission, exhaust, front and rear axles, disc brakes, racing suspension and shocks, a fuel cell, full racing harness, racing gauges, all new wiring, lexan windshields, a fire system, and everything that NASCAR would require for track safety. Painted it inside and out, did the graphics and had it there on time.

  • Date: February 14, 2013
  • Skills: Stunt Coordinator, Specialized Fabrication
  • Client: NASCAR, UPS

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