Verizon Television Commercial

Starting in 1990 on a Michelle Pfeiffer film “Love Field” Stunt Coordinator Bobby Minor, the Special Effects team and I developed one of the first semi trailer jack knife systems that would adapt to any trailer. Our system uses large caster wheels tucked in-between the trailer tires and mounted on a hydraulically actuated lifting device. The benefit that we have over the other jack knife rigs in the industry, that place a front-steerable axle on the trailer, is that you can shoot the wheels as the stunt happens on ours and we can control our closure rate all the way into a full 90 degree jack knife, keeping the tractor parallel with the road, with the trailer perpendicular, to fully block the roadway.

  • Date: February 14, 2013
  • Skills: Stunts, Stunt Coordinator
  • Client: Verizon

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