Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, 2012

Pro Racer and Hollywood Stuntman, Mike Ryan, annually accepts the challenge of wrestling his purpose built Freightliner Cascadia up the Pikes Peak Auto Road. Mike Ryan has driven numerous trucks to 13 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Championships and records out of 15 races and continues to push the boundaries of his truck and the limits of the mountain.This year 2012 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Drifting a high horsepower 3,000 pound sports car…easy.
Try it in a 10,000 pound purpose built Semi Truck….not so easy.
This video feature shows the amazing talent and commitment it takes to pilot a 10,000 lbs. Semi Truck with 2400 twin turbocharged horsepower up an extremely steep and narrow mountain road.
Mike’s time to the top was the 27th fastest time to the summit and was a jaw dropping experience to all who witnessed the Semi streaking up the mountain.
With multiple on board cameras placed in dramatic locations around the Big Rig…ride along and experience the sights and sounds of a full speed race run up this treacherous road.
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  • Date: April 9, 2013

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